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Friday, September 9, 2011

Matching outfits for a disaster- Why?

This was written by Carolyn Nicolaysen of Totally

Purchase a uniform for your family. Should you become separated from family members a uniform will make reuniting much easier. 

Purchase hats at a dollar store and let the kids go crazy splatter painting them.  

OR Purchase inexpensive solid color t shirts, preferably a bright color, and stencil, splatter paint or use markers and design away. 

OR Purchase bright colored bandannas or a bright and distinctive fabric and make your own bandannas. 

Whatever you decide every family member should have exactly the same items in their Emergency kits. 

It will be much easier for people to remember seeing your family member if you are wearing something distinctive and can tell first responders or the public that your child or your spouse was wearing exactly the same thing as you are. 

This also means your child can tell those trying to help them find you that you are wearing what they are. This also makes it easier to "claim" your child once they are found. 

The crazier and more unique the design the more people will take notice and remember.

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