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Friday, September 23, 2011

Do you have fuel?

For the past couple of days, I have been referring to an internet post I read, written by a woman who was participating in the 7-Day Challenge by

She wrote about loading her car with her emergency supplies, to simulate evacuating from a impending disaster.

I noticed a couple of things she failed to mention.  

She didn't mention whether or not she had any gas in her car.

If a disaster is coming, you better have some fuel.  I try to make it a habit to fill up every time my car's gas tank is half empty.  I never want to be caught without gasoline in my car.

The other thing she didn't mention was a campstove.  She probably needed to pack something to cook with, whether it was a propane cookstove or a rocket stove that uses charcoal or wood, or a little backpacking stove that uses cans of white fuel.  

The following is some information from a book "Making the Best of Basics", p. 223.

"Fuels will be very important should an emergency arise--food must still be prepared, dishes washed, people bathed and warmed.  

Electricity, natural gas, and other energy sources could be interrupted by an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster, not to mention rationing of energy-producing commodities due to trucking strikes, economic or other unexpected problems.  

The family with fuel to provide adequate energy for cooking, cleaning, sterilization, lighting, and warmth will be much better prepared than those families who ignore this important storage category.  

However, in your eagerness to accomplish this priority, don't forget the essentials of safety."

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