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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get your Camp Stove Ready for the Ward Campout

Our ward is having a ward campout in a couple of weeks, and I am arranging a "Treasure Hunt" for the kids and the adults.  To do the treasure hunt, each person will need to go around and see what cooking methods the other families are using to cook their evening meal.  My goal is for my ward members to get an idea of all the types of camp stoves and portable grills that are available, and see how they work.

We won't be having a cooking competition (no judges are going to eat your food) but I hope the family chef will be able to answer questions about their cooking equipment, especially to help those people who don't own any camp stove or grill yet.

To my ward members:  Email me and tell me:
       if you are going on the ward camp out
       what type of cooking equipment you will be using
       if you are willing to tell people about your cooking equipment as they tour around

For your information, here are some current prices of campstoves and portable grills:

(I just googled various camping/cooking phrases to come up with these, I am not trying to advertise a certain brand.  Google it yourself to come up with a lot more ideas.)

L.L. Bean:


Review of best portable grills:

Alcohol stoves for backpacking:

Deadwood Stove:

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