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Sunday, February 12, 2012

This week: No Electric Heat for One Night

Feb. 2012- Practice having no electric heat in your house for one night.
The Valentine's week Cuddle Up Challenge.
Choose one night this week (Feb. 12-18)

You can turn off the heater down to 40 degrees all night, OR
You can leave on the heater for the children, and just block your master bedroom door and open the bedroom windows.

Goals: For you to find  out:
if you have enough blankets
If you have enough warm clothing
If you have an emergency heater
Do you have any type of an approved indoor heater?
Kerosene and Propane heaters are available.
Never use an unapproved heater indoors.
Conserve body heat by setting up a tent in your warmest room, and sleep inside of it.

Contact me and tell me about your experience, so I can share it with the ward (anonymously if you want.)

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