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Saturday, February 25, 2012

More ward members: No Heat Challenge responses

We turned out heat off when we got home from church.   It was the Sunday that it was cold and snowed in the night.  The kids slept in their warm camping sleeping bags.  They loved it and slept really well.  My husband and I slept with a couple extra quilts on top our our usual down comforter.  We were comfortable too.  Even though it was so cold outside, our house never got colder than 55 degrees.  In the morning, we turned our gas fireplace on to see if it would heat up the house.  The heat went upstairs and raised the temperature a couple degrees after being on for couple hours.  If we had to use the gas fireplace for heat, I would tape sheets or something similar to the walls by the stairs so the heat couldn't go upstairs.  Trapping the heat in the family room/kitchen would probably keep us warm enough.  - A.B.

We did the challenge.  Our indoor temp only got down to 69.  I've forgotton to turn the heat on at night before during winter months.  It has never gotten below  63.  I think we'll try the challenge again anyway looking for a colder weather night!
One thing of note...with all of these challenges I thought it might be a neat opportunity to teach our children gratitude as well as "preparedness" skills.  With this most recent challenge, our 7-year-old was NOT happy.  She did not want to be cold!   - L.H.

Our family did it - but really no comments (we were cold but just "lived with it" - stayed busy and kept lots of jackets and blankets on).
Thanks for the challenge.  - K.G.

R. and I did the challenge, but like you, it wasn't too tough since
it stayed around 40 degrees. However, we did prepare and brought out
extra blanket and our winter pj's. Just wanted you to know we are
attempting to meet our goals!  -V.E.

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