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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Family's Experience with turning off the furnace

We got home from church Sunday and turned both our upstairs and downstairs furnaces to "off".  I put on warm clothing and waited for the temperature to drop inside our house.

Surprisingly, I never got cold, in fact I started feeling too warm!

I went into the other room, and found that my husband, W., had turned on the gas log, and the whole house was getting quite warm.

I complained, "I was trying to test how many layers of clothing I needed to live comfortably in a cold house!", and W. said, "Oh, I thought we were trying to test whether we could keep the house the same temperature with or without electricity."

I turned off the gas log, and we spent the rest of the evening and all night without any additional heat.  We put a down comforter on top of our regular bedding and slept comfortably.  (I think it was 30 or 35 degrees outside.)

By 6:00 am, our house had only dropped to 58 degrees.  I think I learned that it would take more than 12 hours to really start feeling too cold, it looks like my house retains heat pretty well for a short time.

We turned the furnaces back on Monday morning.

(To my ward: Please email me with your experiences and what you learned.  I will post them anonymously.)

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