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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look at what one stake did

Here is a great story about preparedness being pushed by a stake president.

Recently our Stake Presidency did something I would consider quite unprecedented…
One week before each ward conference in the Stake (on the preceding Sunday), under the direction of the Stake Presidency the Bishop selected 2-3 families from each ward, invited them into his office, and gave them this assignment:
Over the next 72 hours, we would like you to participate in an emergency preparedness exercise. You are to simulate that a large earthquake has just hit our neighborhood. You have no power at your house — please go home and shut it off — you have no central heat (this was in March in Utah — it was still snowing/freezing outside), there is no way to refuel your vehicles so you can only drive with the fuel you currently have on hand, and NO water, etc. and you are not allowed to buy anything. You must only use the supplies that you currently have on hand to survive over the next 3 days. Don’t tell anyone in the ward what you’re doing, but during Ward Conference on Sunday, we’d like you to share your experiences with the ward.
At least that was the gist of it; and the exercise began as soon as they left the Bishops office. No last minute shopping trips — this was supposed to be real.

Read the rest of the article:

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