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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Dry Pack Canner for the Morrisville Building

The Morrisville Building has received its Dry Pack Canner!   Appointments to use it should be made through me.
Now that we have our own canner, you will be able to can all sorts of dry commodities, such as wheat, flour, sugar, powdered milk, macaroni, rice, oats, etc. in the comfort of your own home or garage.  
But first, you have to obtain some empty cans and lids.
I just spoke to Sister Mangum, who is in charge of the Greensboro Family Home Storage Center (or “cannery”).  That is where you will have to go to buy the empty cans and lids.
We can buy the empty #10 cans for $0.75 each, and the metal lids for $0.15 each.  A plastic lid is $0.10.
You will also want to buy one Oxygen Absorber to put inside each can.  They are $0.10 each.  All dry canned food items must contain an oxygen absorber so that creepy crawlies don’t hatch out in the food and start to reproduce.  The oxygen absorber makes it so that IF a bug hatches, it will immediately die from lack of oxygen.
The ONLY EXCEPTION is white sugar.  Do not add oxygen absorbers to white sugar, it will turn into a solid brick.  There are no bug problems with sugar, so it is fine to just seal it inside the can without treating it.
(Canning at our church building is strictly forbidden, for insurance reasons.  I think the Church does not want to be held liable for any food safety.  I cannot even do any dry canning demonstrations in the building.)

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