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Monday, January 16, 2012

White Flour in storage

In my food storage, from 2003, I had some white flour.  I don't know why I bought the flour, it was the only can of it I had.  I usually just buy flour as I need it, in bags from Sam's.  My long term storage would be grinding flour out of my wheat.

I started reading horror stories of people who had opened white flour that was just a few years old, and it was rancid.  I got curious as to whether mine was still good, so I opened it last month and made a small recipe of biscuits out of it.

I didn't tell my son anything, and he ate the biscuits.  I asked if they were okay, and he said they were fine.  I never told him that I was using him as a guinea pig.

If he would have said they were disgusting I would have thrown the whole can of flour away.  But I guess this proves that sometimes flour is still good after 9 years.

I have to say that this can was stored inside my house, so it was in a pretty good temperature.  Maybe the cans that went rancid really quickly were stored in someone's garage or attic (never a good idea.  Too hot.)

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