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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calendar for "2012-A Year of Preparedness"

Today I gave  the 5th Sunday presentation at my ward.  First, I played the two youtube videos (which you can see in the previous blog post.)

Then I gave a 16 minute power point presentation, showing the monthly challenges which our bishop has asked our ward members to do for the next 12 months.

I will post the whole presentation soon, but for right now I will just post the Calendar so you can see what is scheduled.  Wait to see the explanations later.

2012: A Year of Preparedness
Morrisville Ward
No heat for one night
No lights, no powered entertainment for one evening
Learn about food storage, plan, and begin buying food from your plan
Obtain containers and fill them with water 
(and keep buying food)
Flush toilets one day with stored water.
Cook and drink using stored water for one day.
Plan 7 days of meals using only shelf stable ingredients (Shelf Stable means they don’t need refrigeration.)
Make all your meals out of shelf stable ingredients for 3 days.
Cook 2 menu items without electricity.  Show off your cooking at the ward Labor Day picnic.
Practice your preparedness skills at the Morrisville Ward Campout.
Don’t go to the store For 6 days.
Buy Emergency Preparedness items as Christmas gifts.
January 2013: 
Learn to bathe using stored water.

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