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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Presentation "2012-A Year of Preparedness" Part 3

June 2012
- Use Stored Water: Two different challenges this month.
One day flush toilets with stored water.
Learn how to flush using a bucket of water poured into the bowl.
Learn how to flush by filling the tank of the toilet.
Learn to flush the toilet less often.
You will realize how much water toilets use.
You will learn to refill clean juice and soda pop bottles with water.
No need to use expensive bottled water for flushing.
(After the day of flushing toilets, Refill containers.)
2nd Challenge: One day cook and drink with stored water.
If you have purchased water, here is when to use it.
Stored tapwater is also fine to use.
Put tape over all your sink faucets early one morning.
Put filled water containers near every faucet.
Drink and cook today using NO TAP WATER, just stored water.
Also brush your teeth with stored water.
It is okay to shower,wash dishes and laundry, and flush toilets as usual.

July 2012
 Picture a long-term power outage. Plan at least 7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners using only shelf stable ingredients.   (Shelf stable means it doesn’t need refrigeration.)
Obtain shelf stable food.You will be using these shelf stable foods during our August challenge.
How will you feed your family without a fridge?
Can you make the regular foods your family likes?
Do too many of your recipes rely on milk, butter, eggs, fresh produce and other perishables?
What ingredients can you buy to substitute for some of those perishables?
Consider buying:
Ready made mixes which only need water added.
Canned soups, canned chicken or tuna.
Powdered milk and powdered eggs.
Dehydrated and freeze dried items.
Any foods which are good for camping would also be good for this.
(Photos of Asian Helper and canned chicken, spaghetti sauce and noodles)

No Power.  Do not use fridge or freezer foods for 3 days.
For 3 days, make all your meals out of shelf stable ingredients.
You are not restricted from shopping, but you can’t use anything refrigerated or frozen.
Tape your fridge and freezer shut from Sunday after church until Wednesday breakfast.
Using all other electricity is OKAY during this challenge.
No using ice or ice chests.
If you have leftovers, you can store them in the fridge, but you can’t get them back out until Wednesday.
Learn whether you have all the ingredients necessary for making the food you want to eat.
Are the meals nourishing?
Learn to cook with some substitutions.

Cooking without electricity.  Cook 2 menu items.
At our ward picnic on Labor Day, we will have an outdoor Cook Off where everyone can try out alternative cooking methods.
Rules : 
Cook or bake two  menu items without using  your electric stove, oven, or microwave. OR each person above the age of 12 cook one item without using electricity.
Your gas kitchen range or  oven is also off-limits.
No electric can openers allowed!
Our goals:
To make you think about this BEFORE a real power outage.
To show you how important it is to OWN alternative cooking equipment
To get you to learn how to use your cooking equipment.
Women, as well as men, need to know how to cook outdoors.
Even if you have a gas range, practice using an alternate source of cooking.  Use an outdoor gas grill, solar oven, campstove, backpacking stove, fireplace, fire pit,etc. 

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