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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Using freeze-dried Cheddar Cheese and freeze-dried Spinach

This woman has the absolute best looking and best sounding recipes using food storage, I am really hooked on her blog.

In this post,  she gives the directions for making a hamburger casserole that her kids really love.

I was fascinated to see the photos and read the instructions for re-constituting freeze-dried cheddar cheese and freeze-dried spinach---They actually look very tasty!  I want to buy some and try it.

She also describes a taste test she did comparing store-canned ground beef, home-canned ground beef, and freeze-dried ground beef.   (I've been canning it myself, so I haven't purchased the store-canned stuff, nor have I tried the freeze-dried variety.  My family really likes the home-canned, they can't tell the difference from cooked fresh or crumble-fried and then frozen.)

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