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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beginner's Luck- Sweet Potatoes

This was only my third summer to have a garden, and I am still such a beginner.  I had purchased 4 little sweet potato plants, and had planted them, and didn't know anything about taking care of them.  The vines spread out all over my garden plots, and basically crowded out all the other things (carrots, onions, radishes.)

I finally read on the internet about harvesting sweet potatoes, and learned that I should dig them up just before the first frost, or just after.  So last week I spent several hours digging, and it was very hard work!

Those sweet potatoes had grown lower down than my garden soil, right down into the untilled clay.  They were imbedded in it like a rock into concrete.  But I was shocked at how many sweet potatoes I had grown from only 4 plants.

My plan next year is to put them in a separate bed so they don't crowd out my other vegetables, and I will definitely plant more than 4, because they must love the climate here, they grow so well without any care at all.

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