But despite the windfall profits, even Mr. Hunter is running out of patience for the chill and the darkness because he has no power in his own house.
“At home, it’s getting sort of old,” Mr. Hunter said on Saturday. “And cold! People are really angry that it should take this long.” He was also a victim of his own sales success.
“I took home two bundles of firewood,” he said of his own preparations, but later in the week he “wanted two more, and we didn’t have them.”

Note from Amy:
When I read stories like this, I try to picture what I could do to prepare so it doesn't happen to me.  We need to plan ahead and buy those things that will keep us warm and fed and protected from the elements in case OUR area has a big power outage in the winter time. 

And notice what items sold the fastest during the crisis (Batteries, Oil Lamps, Gas Grills, Firewood).  Those things will be gone quickly here, as well.  So you need to buy them NOW, before everyone else is trying to buy them and you are out of luck.