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Friday, November 4, 2011

Food in your linen closet

Every house and apartment generally has a linen closet.

You can store food there, if you can find somewhere else to put your linens.

I cleaned out one whole shelf of my linen closet by laying some of my blankets spread out one layer thick between the mattress and box springs of each bed.  You can't even tell they are there, but if we ever have a power outage we can get them out and use them for warmth.

Now, with the empty shelf, I can keep all my supply of corn, peas, and olives there.  (Usually it is completely full to the front, this picture was taken just before I bought more.)

Another great tip for closets is, have a carpenter build all your shelves clear out to the front of the closet.
These shelves used to be only half as deep, now they come clear out to the door.  This gives me about twice as much storage space in all my coat closet, pantry, and linen closets.

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