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Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparedness Christmas gift ideas

When and if the turmoil of the world changes our lives (think of natural disasters, economic problems, unemployment, war, or disease), won't we be thankful to have food and supplies which can help us?

Giving these items for Christmas is a great idea, because if you are going to give them something anyway, why not make it something that might save their lives or enable them to live through a disaster?

Here are some great ideas to give for Christmas:

Food storage of any type.

Equipment to help them use food storage:  Wheat grinder, dehydrator, pressure canner, food processor.

Camping equipment:  Tent, sleeping bag, hammock tent, flashlight, lantern, water filter, Noah's Tarp for shelter,

72 hour kit:  back pack, mess kit, cookstove, fuel for cookstove, emergency blanket, compass, flashlight, glowstick, water filter, individual packs of food such as MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat), ramen, spaghettios, instand oatmeal, poptarts, etc (they need to rotate those after 6 months).

For heat:  an indoor propane heater (like a Big Buddy)

Items to help them start a garden:  "The New Square Foot Gardening" book, shovel, hoe, kneeling pad, order seeds from a seed supplier, coupons for helping them in the garden in the spring,

Car emergency kit:  warm blanket or sleeping bag, flashlight, glowsticks, bottles of water, phone recharger,

Communication:  wind-up or solar radio, solar cell phone charger,

A recipe book of the food storage recipes you love.

These were just things I thought of off the top of my head, I'm sure you can think of a lot more very useful gifts which can help your loved ones be more prepared.

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