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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I can meat

You might be wondering about yesterday's post.  You might say, "Why should I can meat when I have plenty of freezer space?"

My main reason for canning meat is that I want my year's supply to be shelf stable.  I keep a few things in the freezer, but with the hurricanes and the ice storms we have in North Carolina I do not trust the freezer.  I don't want all my food to go bad at the exact same time we have a disaster.

I am lazy, so I buy canned chicken.  I don't see the need to can my own chicken since the price is so good at the store.

I have ten or twenty cans of canned Hormel ham, to add to beans.  And I buy canned tuna.

But the store doesn't have canned ground beef or canned pork or canned roast beef.  So I have to can my own.

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