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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preparing for What?

Before buying anything you should sit down with paper and pencil because you have some decision making to do.
Your first decision to make is "What are you storing food for?"  What situations and circumstances do you think might occur which would cause you to need your food and would prevent you for easily being able to get more?  

Make a list of everything which you think has some significant probability of happening.  This process is called "scenario planning."
Will you be unemployed? 

Will you be sheltering-in-place in your home because of a pandemic or nuclear disaster? 

Do you think you will be fleeing from your home?  

Will you have electricity? 

Will you have access to water?
Plan your food to meet the needs of each of these scenarios.  Get the cooking fuel you need in case you don't have electricity.  Store water in case your city water fails.  Think through each scenario and see what foods and supplies you need.

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