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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Don to Hit Texas

The weather reports are giving the first reports that Tropical Storm Don is probably going to hit Texas on Saturday.

What if it was North Carolina instead?  What if that tropical storm turned into a hurricane?  What should you be doing right now?

Well, if you were like everyone else that lives in this state and has a clue, you would be preparing for power outages, high winds, and flooding.

If a tropical storm or worse, a hurricane, was coming through here, you would want to bring in all your lawn furniture.  Make sure you had enough batteries for your flashlights.  Get propane for your grill.

Fill every empty space in your freezers with soda-pop bottles filled with water, to make lots of ice.  (A full freezer stays frozen longer without power.)

Have many different types of food that you could eat without electricity.  Easy to warm-up foods, that don't require much to prepare.

Lots of water stored in empty soda-pop or juice bottles in case the city water got contaminated or had no power to operate.  You can buy drinking water if you want, but about 3/4 of the water you use is for washing, so you can store that water for free by storing tap water.  (Just put it in the bottles.  According to, city water that is chlorinated does not need extra treatment.)

Do ALL your laundry.  Run your dishwasher a few hours before the storm hits.  No need of having stinky laundry sitting around, or having to hand wash a whole load of dishes if you can help it.

Fill up all your cars with gas.  If gas stations have no power, gas won't pump.

I'm sure you can think of lots more things to do.  But please think about it.  Some parts of Cary had no power for 9 days after Hurricane Fran.  So you want to prepare ahead of time.

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