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Monday, July 25, 2011

Useful Little Solar Oven

Here is a homemade solar oven.  I sprayed a large glass pickle jar and lid with black High Heat Grill Paint, you can find it in the spray paint aisle of any hardware store.

Put a strip of tape from top to bottom.  Spray paint the whole jar and lid black.  Then pull off the tape strip (this creates a clear place where you can see if the food is boiling.)

Just spray the outside of the jar.

Buy oven roasting turkey bags, or oven roasting poultry bags.

Fill the jar with something that only needs heated, like a can of soup.  Put on the lid.  It won't come to a boil, it will only heat up to about 160 degrees.

Puff the bag around the jar.  Seal it with a twist tie.  Set the jar on something to insulate it from the ground (mine is setting on a block of wood.)  Set it in full sun.  (This will not work on a cloudy day.)

If you dump a can of soup into this jar, it will be hot enough to eat in about a half an hour.

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