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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got Gardening Tools?

I am not a gardening expert, I have only been gardening for 3 summers now.  But I got to thinking, what will happen when there is no longer food at the store?  When we have economic turmoil, or natural disasters that stop our food supply arriving, or when the droughts get so bad there is no food being grown elsewhere?

 If we have to grow all our own food, I am really going to have to step up my game quite a bit.

So far I have been doing four little 4' x 4' gardens.  They are small enough for me to kneel down and dig with a hand trowel.

But if I have to go into full-scale production, I need better tools.  I just purchased this hoe and this pointy shovel.  And eventually, I hope to buy about 3 more of each, because, face it, the whole family is going to have to be out there shovelling and hoeing at the same time, and we will each need our own tool.

Sometimes you can find shovels and hoes at yard sales, that is where I hope to find more of these.  (Good luck getting to the yard sale before I do.)

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