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Friday, February 25, 2011

Which kind of powdered milk should you order?

We are doing some food storage orders in our ward, one from Walton Feed, and a different group order together with the Durham  stake.  A woman from my ward asked me which powdered milk she should buy.  Here is my answer:

I looked at the milk you can order through Walton Feed, it has instant for $13.70 and noninstant for $11.60. Rainy Day brand.   Walton Feed will have no shipping charges tacked on.

I do not know if the Durham stake order will have shipping charges added.  Their milk is Maple Island brand, which is instant, and costs $10.

I will be doing the group order for Emergency Essentials every month.  With a group order you get free shipping on everything.  Their milk, "Provident pantry" is delicious, according to my friend who is living off her food storage right now.  She says her kids think it tastes totally normal. She only recommends the blue label ($15.95), not the yellow label "fortified" milk (12.95).

I just read this great post on  describing why we need to store powdered milk. And, since most of us hate to drink powdered milk, it was handy that the authors included the results of a powdered milk taste test, and gave the winners.

The best tasting instant powdered milk is:
Provident Pantry brand sold at Emergency Essentials.

and the best tasting Non-instant powdered milk is:
Rainy Day brand sold by Walton Feed.

So, you need to do your homework and decide if you need instant or non-instant. On they said:

"What is the difference between instant and non-instant powdered milk?
Instant powdered milk is similar to instant rice in that it is faster and easier to reconstitute than non-instant formulas. Typically instant powdered milk takes about twice as much powder per gallon as non-instant, but it depends on which brand you are purchasing."

Read their blog post and find out more.

So now you have all the information I know.  You'll have to decide for yourself.

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