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Monday, February 21, 2011

See what some guy posted about his food storage

Here's a YouTube video on food storage made by a Prepper (a guy who is into preparedness).  He is not LDS, as evidenced by all the coffee and tea in his storage.

It was interesting to watch his presentation.  I disagreed with some things.

1- I think a lot of his food is going to get bugs in it, since he has it stored in bags and boxes.  I recommend dry-pack canning or putting flour and beans, etc. into buckets.

2- I think his food will be hard to rotate, with unlike foods being placed in front of each other.  I recommend putting one item (corn, for example) all the way front to back in a shelf so you will know to take the oldest from the front and put the new in at the back.  (This is annoying to do in a shelf like that, but very necessary so you don't leave the old stuff in the back to rot.)

He says he thinks this one closet has about 2-3 months worth of food in it.  That might be true.  But he has about 1 year of salt in there.

I agreed with his belief in buying the things his family eats.  Thats what all of us should be doing.

Plus, I really want to point out that his shelves are built in all the way to the ceiling.  Thats what we did in all our closets, and it give about 3 extra shelves in the tops of our coat closet, linen closet, kitchen pantry, broom closet, and bedroom closets.  That is A LOT of extra storage, where it would otherwise be wasted.

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