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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Shelf Stable" challenge reminder

I'm sorry I haven't done more publicity about getting your shelf stable meals for the challenge this month.  I have been busy with youth conference (costume committee).

 "Shelf stable" means not needing refrigeration.

In August, we are going to tape the fridge and freezer shut for 3 days and see if you can eat 3 good meals a day without using anything other than shelf stable foods.  It should be a really good learning experience, and teach you what food storage items you need to get, for when the power is out for a week and all your fridge and freezer food is gone.

Look on the right side of this blog, and click on the labels "shelf stable food" and "shelf stable foods" (sorry, there are two different titles, I should combine those),  and all the posts I have written on that subject will come up.

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