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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hurricane articles, part 2

Here is a link to "Survival Lessons Learned from Three Hurricanes" which was posted on "The Survival Mom" blog.

Part 2 or 3:

Here are things I learned from this article written by Stephen Clay McGehee:

He talked about how expensive it was for the gasoline to run the generator.  He said he would be more picky about what he wanted to use the generator for.

Have plenty of gasoline containers and learn to store them safely.

Get to know your neighbors AHEAD OF TIME.  He shared electricity and water and food with his neighbors.

Store some Gatorade for hydration during hot weather power outages.

Store mosquito repellant and sunscreen and allergy medicine.  You will be outside more.

He had a "Preparedness Organizer" notebook, where he had recorded much of the information he needed.  This is a great idea!  You are NOT  going to be able to look up stuff on the internet!

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