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Monday, June 4, 2012

Notes from a Katrina survivor

This was written by a person whose home was right in Katrina's path, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

"Our home didn't get drinkable water for about two weeks, and electricity came after about three weeks.  

The bishop described how travel was almost impossible in town because of the downed trees and wires.  

He explained that a 72-hour kit would have proved invaluable because it was about three days before the elders were able to start checking on members who weren't in their neighborhood.  

My friend described the area as looking as if a war had erupted and how pools of water stood in the streets with strewn powerlines nearby. He was able to get a generator but chain saws disappeared almost immediately and didn't come back in stores for months because they sold out immediately whenever they came in stock.  

When I was going through our belongings and trying to decide what to save I found myself saving the memorabilia and family history and leaving the rest. "

As you read that, just remember, we could get hit by a major hurricane this year, and it is wise to realize how bad it could be, and prepare accordingly.  TWO WEEKS without water, and THREE WEEKS without electricity!  Are you prepared for something like that?

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