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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Any container will do, if a hurricane is coming

Before I ever moved to North Carolina, about the only thing I had ever heard about hurricane preparations was "Always fill up all your bathtubs with water".

I wondered why?

Later, I learned that sometimes, the hurricane flooding will contaminate the municipal water sources, and then you will have to boil all your water.  Its best to store as much clean water as you can, so that if that happens you will have some that isn't contaminated.

So, lets say you are in my ward and we are having two ward challenges this month.  And the name of one challenge is "Flush all your toilets for one day with stored water" and the name of the other is "Cook and drink only stored water for one day".

If I were you, I would store water in every available container you can get, just to see how much water you will be using for those two challenges.

And it will be a pretty good trial run for if a hurricane ever hits here and swamps our municipal water treatment plant.

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