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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Challenge: Use Stored Water for Cooking, Drinking

I have already put this challenge on my blog on June 1, but since we are having 2 challenges in June, I need to remind you that it is time to do the 2nd challenge.
(Have you done Challenge #1 yet?)

2012- A Year of Preparedness
Our June challenge is: Use Stored Water.
Challenge 1:  Pick one day during the first two weeks of June, and flush toilets with stored water for the entire day.  
(You will need to refill the containers, because later this month you will be choosing one day to cook and drink with stored water.)
Learn to use stored water to flush the toilet, using a bucket of water poured into the bowl, not the tank.  You’ll need about 3 quarts of water per flush.
Learn to flush the toilet less often.  (Ever heard the old saying, "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down"?)
Rules:  Early in the morning, shut off the valve leading from the wall to the toilet.
Put masking tape over the flush levers on all your toilets.
Keep track of how much water you use for flushing in 24 hours.  Email Amy with what your family learned. 
Challenge 2:
 Our next challenge will consist of choosing one day to cook and drink with stored water. Please complete this challenge during the second half of June.
Goals:  Use purchased water or stored tapwater for all cooking and drinking for one day.  Find out how much water it takes for one day, and email your experiences to Amy.
Put tape over all your sink faucets early one morning.
Put filled water containers near every faucet.
Do not use any water from the faucet today. Drink and cook today using just stored water.
Also brush your teeth and wash your hands with stored water.
Prepare all three meals at home and wipe the kitchen counters with stored water.  
It is okay to shower, use the dishwasher and washing machine, and flush toilets as usual.

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