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Friday, June 1, 2012

Flushing a toilet using a bucket

One of our challenges for this month is to choose a day, and use stored water to flush toilets for 24 hours. Record how much water you used, and email me with your experiences so I can put it on this blog.

I tested how to use stored water to flush toilets, and found out YOU HAVE TO USE A BUCKET.  Do not try to pour water out of 2 liter sodapop bottles, it comes out too slow.

My toilets flushed just fine pouring at least 3 quarts of water into the bucket, then pouring the bucketful of water QUICKLY straight into the hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl.  This created suction, and it flushed very well.

Things to avoid:

Do not pour the water slowly.

Do not pour in less than 3 quarts.  (Your toilet might have to have more, 3 quarts worked in mine.)

Do not use purchased bottled water, it is expensive. In times of disasters, you could even use recycled water, like dish rinse water or bath water, or even pond water, to flush your toilets.

Do not pour the water into the toilet tank.  I tried it with 4 quarts and it wouldn't flush at all.  I would have had to use a lot more than 4 quarts.  Just take my word for it, and pour the water into the bowl, that takes only 3 quarts.

Don't flush very often.  Remember the old poem, "If it's yellow, let it mellow.  If it's brown, flush it down."  Disgusting but true.

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