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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water storage boxes you can buy

Here is one pretty good way to store water in your closets or maybe under the bed.

This is the basic 25 gallon boxed water kit, sold through Emergency Essentials, at

Each person needs a minimum of 14 gallons of water stored, so do the math for your family and see how many 5 gallon boxes you would need.

When the emergency requires you to evacuate, this basic 25 gallon boxed water kit is possibly the most important item to take with you. After filling, each water box weighs approximately 40 lbs. The basic 25 gallon boxed water kit includes five heavy-duty boxes each with its own metalized five-gallon water storage bag with pour spout. In an emergency, the heavy-duty boxes can be converted to portable toilets, making the basic 25 gallon boxed water kit even more useful. Value $40.00 

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