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Friday, May 4, 2012

Question about water storage

_____ wrote:

I got the notice a while ago suggesting to fill up old juice or soda bottles for emergency water supply.  I know I need 1 gallon per person per day, but I was just wondering how often the water needs to be changed out to keep it safe and fresh?

I answered:

Here's what says, it really doesn't say how long it is good for, it just says to empty and refill regularly.
Containers should be emptied and refilled regularly.
Store water only where potential leakage would not damage your home or apartment.
Protect stored water from light and heat. Some containers may also require protection from freezing.
The taste of stored water can be improved by pouring it back and forth between two containers before use.
I've had some jugs in the backs of closets for probably 4 years, they still look fine.  There is no algae or discoloration, and when I open them the water has no odor.  But I would try to drink the ones I have filled more recently, if there was a disaster.  We also own water filters, so if the water was too old I would be tempted to filter it.
During a disaster, you will find that the majority of your water will be used for washing, so all the stuff in jugs should be fine for that.  You could be more picky about your drinking/cooking water.

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