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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some tips for storing water

Go to this link and read tips about storing water, written by Carolyn Nicolaysen.

Some of her ideas:

1.  Water is heavy and you need to consider this when choosing containers. Five gallons of water weighs 42 pounds.

2. Water may be stored in well-rinsed bleach (hypochlorite) bottles.(I actually disagree with this one.  I don't want any child to accidentally drink bleach.  I would stay away from storing water in bleach bottles myself.)

3. Store water in soda bottles. 

4. Mylar water storage bags.  These are sold with cardboard boxes to hold them.

5.  Store water inside your glass canning jars, in between times when they aren't filled with fruit or vegetables.  

(Be sure to go to her original article, there were a lot more details there.)

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