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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still more gift ideas, part 3

Katadyn water filter- $80 (or sometimes on sale as low as $45).  Buy at REI or from Emergency Essentials.
Headlamp flashlight- You will look like a coal miner, but in a power outage, wearing your flashlight on your head enables you to see what you are doing with both hands free.  You can find these for $6-$30.  Get an LED one,  LED lights use less power to run, so the battery lasts longer.
Glowstick- safer than candles during a power outage, hang them from bathroom doorknobs for children to find their way in the dark.  $1-$4.
Bean recipes:  Who doesn't need more ways to cook beans?  I know that we don't use our food storage beans often enough.

Sprouting kit:  These are quite inexpensive, and make it so simple to grow alfalfa sprouts or other types of sprouts.  $10-$20.

Powdered Eggs-  I use these in ALL my baking.  Most people don't know how freeing it is to never worry if you have fresh eggs in the fridge.  Instead, you've always got the powdered variety in the pantry.  You can order these from food storage companies like THRIVE and Emergency Essentials.
Powdered Milk-  Ditto.  We use this anytime milk is required in any recipe.  (We don't like to drink it as milk, we'll have to learn to do that in times of trouble, but not now.) Again, you can order these from food storage companies like THRIVE and Emergency Essentials.
Herbs, Spices;  When the time comes that we are living off of food storage, herbs and spices will make all the difference whether we are bored out of our minds or making food taste good.  Just ponder eating plain beans and you will run right out and buy a bunch of chili powder and cumin. I think the big sized containers at Sam's Club are a good deal.

Well, those are all the things I could think of off the top of my head, you can come up with a lot more.  Have a very merry Preparedness-themed Christmas!

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