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Monday, December 12, 2011

Still more gift ideas, part 1

Only 13 more shopping days left until Christmas!  If you didn't buy any of the gift ideas listed in the posts that I have linked to lately,  here are some more gift ideas.

You will bless your family members if you give them "preparedness type" gifts, you may even save their lives someday.

Here are some ideas:

Solar powered radio, hand cranked radio.  You'll be able to find out the news during a power outage.

Little TV with an antenna, can be plugged into the car power port/cigarette lighter, or runs on batteries, about $100.  The one we bought in late 2010 has a DVD player in it, so it is even fun for a non-emergency.  None of our old TVs will run on an antenna anymore, because they are all analog so we can only use them by plugging them into the satellite receiver, so we had to buy this little TV especially to receive antenna signals when the power is out.

Recipe book of your favorite recipes.  Many people just find recipes online, and don't use recipe books anymore.  If the power is out for very long, you won't have recipes if they are not printed out.

Bake one of your favorite food storage recipes and bring it to a friend. 

Offer to teach one of your friends to bake bread, also show her how to grind wheat.

Book "One Second After" by William Forstchen.  This is the best book I ever read about the loss of electricity to the whole nation because of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and the breakdown of society which followed.  A real page turner that truly makes you rethink your level of preparedness.

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