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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A post by someone who lived through Hurricane Sandy

I love the things this guy wrote.  Here are some of my favorite parts:

16. The electrical grid is way more fragile than I thought.

17. Think of the things that are your comfort, your escape, a cup of hot chocolate, a glass of milk and a ding dong before bed, tequila, etc. Stock up on those too. You will need that comfort after day 3.

30. All of the expensive clothes in the closet mean nothing if they don’t keep you warm.

45. Things that disappeared are never to be seen again for a very long time.
    1. Fuel, of all kinds
    2. Matches, lighters of any kind, etc.
    3. Toilet paper
    4. Paper plates, plastic forks and knives
    5. Batteries, didn’t really see a need for them. (flashlights??? I guess)
    6. Milk
    7. Charcoal
    8. Spark plugs (generators)
    9. 2 stroke motor oil, (chainsaws)
    10. Anything that could be used to wire a generator to the house.
    11. Extension cords
    12. Medicines (Tylenol, advil, cold medicine, etc)

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