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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

High Wind warning

The weather bureau has issued high wind warnings for our area tonight, so my husband and I spent all evening bringing in all the items which could become projectiles in the wind.  Patio furniture, kids riding toys, firewood, garden tools, etc.   We are hoping the few things we left out are heavy enough that they won't fly around.

I had purchased some big spiral screws at Lowe's which can be screwed into the dirt.  We finally got around to screwing them into the ground under our trampoline, and tying the trampoline down to them with ropes.  Now my husband says we can sleep while the wind blows.

I am thankful that my house has no overhanging trees nearby, because there have been plenty of reports I have heard over the years of trees falling on houses and killing people.  

Our master bedroom is on the ground floor, but if your bedrooms are upstairs and you have trees around your house, you may want to sleep downstairs tonight, just in case.

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