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Monday, November 26, 2012

Comments about "No Grocery Stores for 6 Days" challenge

I try to only shop at most once a week--I usually try to go two weeks, so this challenge is something I do all the time. I enjoy the game of making what I have. I consider my pantry, freezer, and food storage my personal grocery store. With this method I am pretty good at making sure it stays well stocked. Anytime I'm running low on something, I add it to my grocery list so I can be sure to have it on hand when needed.
I also feel I save A LOT of money this way by meal planning, going without if I just don't have something, etc. I'm always amazed how you can somehow create something out of nothing!
Eggs are the one thing I consistenly seem to be missing ( on Sundays I'm always borrowing from a neighbor!)--L.H.
Of course I forgot to buy milk before the "No Store for 6 Days" challenge. Wayne was unwilling to drink powdered milk, so he tried grape juice on his GrapeNuts cereal and said he really liked it! ( It sounds gross to me.)
We are having the missionaries over for dinner tonight, and Wayne is making BBQ pork (using a can of pork that I pressure canned a couple of years ago) and I made cooked chocolate pudding. The secret to making cooked pudding using powdered milk, is to thoroughly mix the dry powdered milk with the dry pudding powder before adding water. Then I cook it in the microwave. It turns out great!--A.W.
Hi Amy,

We only ever shop once a month, so our food is always under control. However, my girls announced last night that they were suddenly out of hair conditioner! So we'll be doing mayonnaise hair masks this week--and using up some old mayo that I'm glad to get rid of! :) -B.S.
We actually did the challenge last week. I plan my meals a week in advance and try to go grocery shopping only once a week, so it wasn't very different for us. On a normal week, however, I will sometimes pick up an extra bunch or two of bananas halfway through when our fruit is getting low. But during the challenge we just leaned more on the applesauce we keep in our 3 mo. storage to supplement our fresh fruit. And I did have to remind Quinn not to grab any ice cream for us while he was out running errands on Friday night. We made do with the flavors we had:)  -J.M.

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