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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laundry and Dishwashing during a disaster

"Survival Mom" gives some good instructions about how to do your housework when you have no electricity or running water.

She gives a lot of advice about doing laundry during a disaster.

Here is part of the instruction:
Have at least two very large buckets (you can pick up some 20 gallon tubs at the big box store for just a few dollars), a Rapid Washer, a wash board, and wringer if possible.  If you don’t have the funds to purchase an actual clothes wringer, a mop bucket wringer will work as well.  You need something that will get as much water out as possible to help the clothes dry quicker. You will also need to have a clothes line outside or some sort of rack inside to hand the clothes out to dry.

She also tells about doing dishes:  
Washing dishes would be similar to washing your clothes. Fill one bucket or side of the sink about half full with very warm water and let the dishes soak a bit, wash, then rinse.  A bit of vinegar in your rinse water will cut down on soap suds for both clothes and dishes.

Please read the rest of her article.

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